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DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS DIVER Padi Project Aware Helping To Make Oceans Cleaner One Dive At A Time

The PADI Project AWARE Dive Against Debris with WAVECREST SCUBA

Don’t let your dives go to waste! Grab your mesh bag, scuba gear and data card to make every dive a Dive Against Debris

The Fun Part

You get to enjoy a dive at one of our stunning dive sites. You learn how to collect and survey any marine debris your find and then submit it to Project AWARE for their Global Debris Map

What You Learn

During one dive you get hands on. You’ll learn :

  • How to identify marine debris
  • How to collect it safely
  • How to log it on the Project AWARE survey forms


Student Diver Prerequisites

  • Certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver. Verify student diver prerequisite skills and provide remediation as necessary.
  •  At least 12 years