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TERMS AND CONDITIONS General Terms And Conditions For This Website




For the purposes of these terms and conditions “you”, “your”, “You” and “Your” means you, the customer; and “we”, “our”, “us”, “We”, “Our” and “Us” means Wavecrest Scuba.


Scuba diving can be a hazardous sport, you are responsible to ensure you are medically fit to dive and a self declared medical form must be completed before you dive or book courses, if a yes answer is found we, will require medical clearnace from a GP before your course may commence


1. Trip times


Guided dives and boat departure times advertised either by email or on our website are approximate and will be confirmed the day before when phoning for weather check.

You and all the members of your group must be ready to leave at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

If you and/or any member or members of your party fail to turn up and/or be ready to leave by the scheduled departure time the departure will not be delayed and this will be treated as a late cancellation and you must pay us the total price of the boat/dive trip.


2. Before the Trip


Please contact Mark at Wavecrest Scuba on 07890 132 833 between 16:00 hrs. and 18:00 hrs. (UK Summer Time) the day before the boat/dive trip departure to confirm weather conditions are suitable for the trip. Please ensure that you check your email and text messages as we may use these communication methods to advise of any changes or cancellations.


3. Bookings


Wavecrest Scuba reserves the right to decline any booking if we feel that it is beyond your certification or experience level.

A non-returnable deposit of £20.00 is required per diver per dive. Full payment for dives must be received at least 7 days prior to departure/ commencement. Failure to pay by the required date will be deemed as late cancellation and any monies paid will be forfeited.


A minimum number of 6 persons will be required for trips to Chepstow and accommodation paid in full prior to departure, £20 per diver will be required for fuel and bridge crossing.

For all other courses at NDAC Chepstow a minimum of 4 persons are required for the course to take place, UNLESS a TECREC course is booked.

If we cancel the trip due to insufficient numbers you will not be charged for it and we will offer you a comparable trip if possible. If the trip is cancelled by us we will be liable to refund all monies paid by you to us in full unless we have cancelled your trip because you are:


1. In our reasonable opinion unfit to be on the trip/boat

2. Not ready by the scheduled departure time.


In these cases no monies will be refunded.


4. Courses


We require a 25% none refundable deposit for bookings on all courses and payment of balance in full 7 days before commencement date.


Wavecrest Scuba reserves the right to decline a booking on courses if we feel you are not ready or experienced enough for the course you are booking.


All courses are subject to a self declared medical statement, if you answer yes to any questions then medical clearance must be obtained before commencement of course.


If you cancel:


1. More than 7 full days prior to the scheduled departure/ course commencement date. You are not liable for payment , however you will forfeit your deposit.

2. 7 days or less, prior to the scheduled departure date/ course commencement, then all monies received will be forfeited.


If we cancel:


1. If you become ill during your course, we will offer a referral option, giving you the chance to come back at a later date to complete your course.

2. If during your course we feel you cannot complete skills or you fail to perform tasks we will cancel the course and the course fee will be forfeited



4. Data protection act


We do keep a record of your personal data provided to us on the booking form. We will use that data for the purpose of complying with our obligations to you and communicating with you from time to time. We will only use the data for those purposes.


5. Weather & boats/dive changes to location and / or boat:


Diving is weather and tide dependant. We reserve the right to change boats, dive sites or departure times according to weather and operational requirements. On occasions due to sea, weather or safety considerations, we may cancel the trip with minimum notice. In this instance your payment will be refunded minus deposit. Your booking is accepted on the understanding that if you have booked for a specific site and the weather does not permit diving that location, but an alternative site is dive-able, the dive will take place at the best available alternative, taking into account depth requirements in respect of divers’ abilities and prepared gas mixes.

If during your course we feel the weather will make it impossible or dangerous to dive an alternative site will be found, if you decline to dive the new sites then we reserve the right to rearrange a new date for your course, No refund will be granted.


6. Responsibility:


Scuba diving can be a hazardous sport, and you are responsible for your conduct and

behaviour on the dive, course or on the boat, that your equipment is fit for purpose and serviced regularly, that you are properly equipped for the dive and that your equipment is properly stored and secured and you are fit to dive (a dive medical will be required). DSMB’s are required by all divers on boat dives and should be deployed as per the skippers’ instructions.


Please be aware that if you have booked onto a dive without a buddy then one of our crew will dive with you.


7. The diving at Work Regulations 1997:


If you are diving “at work” it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the

regulations and the appropriate ACOP.


8. Refunds:


Course fees will be refunded upto 30 days from cancellation date of the course minus 25% deposit